SERES EV Exported to Germany
All DFSK Group Product Line-Up Entering Europe

On Oct.8th, 2020 at Chongqing International Logistics Hub Park DFSK held the departure ceremony of the first shipment 200-unit Seres EV exported to Germany. This shipment Seres 3 will arrive at Germany in one month by sea.

The first-batch Chongqing-made Seres brand EV was firstly exported to Germany, Europe means all DFSK group product-lineup entering Europe: Commercial vehicle, passenger car and electric vehicle after 100-unit DFSK SUV ix5 was shipped to Germany by CRexpress train on This April 15th.

Meantime, this is another cooperation achievement after DFSK group and DFM further cooperate.

Demonstrating SERES Global-Quality Standard Product

DFSK group founder and chairman Mr.Zhang Xinghai, said at the departure ceremony: over the past three years DFSK group has invested more than CNY 10 billion yuan in intelligent electric vehicles project, It has attracted the world's leading talents, having gained high-performance EV and EVR drive technology and owning the "China's leading and world-class" Big data intelligent factory. DFSK group has launched the advanced intelligent electric vehicle products such as Seres 3 and SF5. As sold well in the domestic market, Seres 3 entered the European market and competed with world top brand models in the same market, demonstrating DFSK group intelligent manufacturing strength, the high quality price ratio and the global quality.

DFSK Group Founder and Chairman Mr. Zhang Xinghai Addressing on Site

He said that it was not easy for China NEV brand, especially for Chongqing Seres NEV brand to get ECE certification. DFSK will fully catch this opportunity to provide good-quality product & after-sales as solid basis of entering Europe & other global markets, and strive to win honor for Chongqing automotive industry and for China.

Start the New Dream-SERES Selling Globally

Upon the Covid-19 virus impact DFSK group catches the new opportunity, has a new beginning and deeply explore the domestic & international markets following China Authority directions.

Chongqing Shapinba Regional Deputy Governor Mr. Dai Addressing On Site

In the first half year of this year DFSK group has won back the title of Mini-vehicle export No.1, made great break-through on Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan and Ecuador, etc. and its Coupe SUV entered European markets.

Meantime, NEV sales volume reaches 414,00 units in this first half year with the 57% growth rate. Europe market has become the global NEV key market which provides DFSK group the great opportunity.

It is Learned that DFSK group was one of first-ECE certification approval among Chinese car-makers thirteen years ago. On 2008 the first DFSK commercial vehicle entered into Germany, then into Italy & Spain and DFSK became the Largest market share owner there among Chinese mini-vehicle makers. On 2018 Glory SUV 580 arrived at Germany and became the best seller. On this April 15th Coupe SUV Glory ix5 arrived at Germany by CRexpress. DFSK became the local largest market share owner among Chinese brands.

As this batch Seres EV shipped to Germany Seres EV selling on Europe market starts its new dream-Seres driving around the world.