DFSK Live-Stream Auto Show

Global Fans Watching Virtual Beijing Auto Show

Beijing International Automobile Exhibition 2020 (Auto China 2020) has been held at China International Exhibition Center New Venue and China International Exhibition Center Old Venue during the period from September 26th to Oct.5th, 2020. In light of the serious challenges posted by the COVID-19 pandemic, overseas clients and partners cannot arrive at Beijing Auto Show, DFSK Live-streams this auto show interacting with its overseas customers on the site, shares grand auto show news and new automotive achievements.

Live-Stream Raises New Online Marketing Ride

At this auto show DFSK team online introduces SERES SF5, Glory 500, Glory 580 star version, and Glory ix7 via live show, HD photo, short &long video, providing the customers rich product knowledge.

Facebook data shows the live videos are broadcasted for more than 80,000 times and reviews reach 2,378. Overseas clients just stay at home watching virtual Beijing Auto Show to understand DFSK &SERES brands, learn Products, which becomes new highlighted overseas marketing mode.

Catch the Opportunity and Original Content Marketing Application

The overseas epidemic situation has not been effectively controlled now. DFSK actively adopts innovative marketing mode. At the online Canton Fair this June, DFSK team live-streamed more than 20 products for 10 days. DFSK four major overseas platforms attracted overseas 500,000 people attention.

During the live broadcast, DFSK GM Zhang Xingyan emphasizes: overseas customers in person could not experience the new products displayed at the Beijing auto show due to the epidemic situation, but they could virtually see the products via live-stream. In addition, we should pay more attention to the product content in the live broadcast process. What overseas customers really need is high-quality content, which can provide practical and effective recommendation for choosing and buying DFSK products.

The popular live stream online marketing undoubtedly brings new opportunities and challenges to China export enterprises. The traditional content eco-marketing has been unable to meet the users demand. Only by combining content eco-marketing with auto marketing and deeply cultivating diversified original content ecology can we provide valuable content for users and seize new opportunities.

The live-stream is a powerful practice combining ecological content marketing and auto marketing, which brings more valuable information to users with diversified and high-quality content.